We are South Chennai Private Watersupply Lorry Association.

We deliver water with great quality and quantity. Timely & Efficient delivery as promised.

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காஞ்சிபுரம் மாவட்ட புறநகர் பகுதியில் தண்ணீர் எடுக்க தடை செய்கின்ற செங்கல்பட்டு கோட்டாட்சியர், திருப்போரூர் வட்டாச்சியர் அதிகாரிகளை கண்டித்து தண்ணீர் லாரி உரிமையாளர்கள் காலவரையற்ற வேலை நிறுத்தம்.

Our Services

Bulk Water Deliveries

South Chennai Water Supply specializes in Bulk Water deliveries for Wells, Cisterns, Pools, and Hot Tubs for both residential and commercial customers.

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Residential & Commercial

South Chennai Private Water Supply Lorry for your residential and commercial water needs. We proudly service throughout Southern parts of Chennai.

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All Constructions Big & Small

For constructions big & small, we have trucks to serve you with a capacity of 3500 litres per truck.

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Customer Care

South Chennai Private Water Supply Lorry care about our customers! Since water emergencies can happen at any time, We offers flexible after-hours service.

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Our Latest Work

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Truck Varients

From mini trucks to 3600 litre capacity trucks, we have it all with our wide range of suppliers.

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Mini Trucks

When their is minimal requirement and in case of reaching small roads mini trucks does its part efficiently.

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Single-Axle Trucks

This varient meets the needs of residence with the absence of water pipeline With its 2800 litre capacity.

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Multi-Axle Trucks

This 3600 litre capacity truck meets the needs of major constructions and corporate companies in & around Chennai.


"I would heartily recommend M. Nijalingam and his Association to any Oraganization & Residence requiring a tankered potable water supply.""

"The setup is quick and efficient and is more than enough for what we need, the fact if we have any problem they give the solution within 7 days so, we don’t have to worry about the business."

"He was without a doubt one of the nicest and most helpful people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I would definitely not have gone as smoothly as it did if it wasn't for Mr.M.Nijalingam and his work."

"The level of work carried out was far beyond our expectations and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you in the future."